Trampoline Size Chart | Measuring A Trampoline In Easy Ways

Trampoline is a name which reminds us of our childhood. The name equally suggests us some of the stupid who are doing crazy stuff with them on the internet video.

The synthetic cloth made playing gadget also reminds us of some of the epic videos on the virtual world.

The trampoline has not only usages in the recreation sector. Now a day trampoline has entered the Olympic event. The gymnasts performing in the Olympic event related trampoline.

So it is clearto us that the trampoline is not an ordinary playing instrument to grab from the store. You have to conscious about the picking up of the best trampoline for your use and purpose.

Moreover, the Olympic association has its size of the trampoline for using in the main events. Now, it is clear that whether you want to grab for your family recreation or to practice to be a professional in the sports, you must select the right size upon your circumstance.

So, without further due let’s picture our childhood on the mind and draw an insightof the various types of the trampoline.

Who knows, it could help you to find the right one for your children and your family’s summer vacation playing station.

Measurement of The Trampoline

Before taking a grasp of the trampoline, you should know the measuring procedure of a trampoline. It might be confusing to you the measurement of a trampoline. You might face trouble to measure a trampoline.


It is common to think the right size of a trampoline is to measure it end to end of the inner cloth looking material.

However, it is not the right way to measure a trampoline. You have to quantify the trampoline from end to end of the side rail holding the cloth tightly to form the trampoline.

Diverse Shapes of Trampoline

Trampolines do not come with the same shape on the market. Trampoline has various forms and size according to their uses.

You may find the square one into anyone’s apartment or the rectangular one on the garden yard. Likewise, you may see the circular one is the fit for gymnast practice,or oval shape trampoline is there merely for fun.

Sometimes the trampoline can take the octagonal shape, though it is rare and hard to find in the store.

Alpha &Omega of The Trampoline Size

Trampoline size may vary according to your purpose of using them. Probably you might notice that the price of a trampoline varies with the shape of it.

It may cost you less to grab a childish one small trampoline than the strand one. The standard one is much bigger than the childish one,so apparently, it will hack out of some money from your account.

So, it is as clear water that you have to have cognition about the size of the trampoline to manage your budget for the trampoline.

That budget was not the only issue to have the sense of the trampoline size. After this few moments you are with me, you can already tell that the various trampoline size has different types of uses.

Who lives in the small apartment, they have not enough space to hold the standard size trampoline. At this case, you inevitably have to buy the indoor one fit to an apartment.


Again, you may have the courtyard,and you have multiple children. Maybe you want to set an indoor gaming facility for your children. The facility may have a large signature size trampoline.

In this case, you need the king size trampoline to fit all your kids up to it. The size of your trampoline could be more significant than the standard one.

Moreover, you could be so passionate about the gymnastics. You may want to make a carrier on the gymnast.

In this case, you need the standard one for your practice. The Olympic Committee has set a rule for the trampoline size and made it approved for the game.

You can notice that there have a vast variety of sizes of the trampoline offering by the store. However, the common trampoline sizes are given right below.

  • Fifteen feet
  • Fourteen feet
  • Twelve feet
  • Ten x Seventeen feet
  • Nine x Fourteen feet
  • Eight X Twelve feet
  • Eight x Ten feet
  • Eight feet
  • Seven x Ten feet

Oh gosh! Don’t be upset I didn’t finish it yet. I know, you are some enthusiast are waiting for the giant size.

For the lover of the enormous things, the companies offer some great sizes trampoline like fifteen feet to seventeen feet large trampoline. 

It has a chance that you can only find that giant trampolines just in the UK.

Sizes to Find of The Rectangular Trampoline

You should be a parent of the kids,or maybe you are the children. If you want to buy the rectangular shape trampoline, you must have the precise knowledge of your use of the trampoline.

Various types of rectangular trampolines have the different tasks to do. You can have them as your only child,or you can grab one for the pack.

This unusually shaped trampoline can help your children to improve their training for being a gymnast,and it can also be used as the recreational funny jumping station.

You can easily find the Olympic standard ten x seventeen feet trampoline. Your children pack could be easily fit on there for some jumping session.

The Olympic standard one can also help your children to practice. This real deal is the largest you can find as the rectangular shape.

The smaller one than the Olympic standard one is measured nine x fourteen feet. The particular bouncy trampoline has some similar usages as the previously mentioned ten feet.

The newbie gymnast can practice here to deal with extra bounce for their future carrier. Moreover, this size can also hold multiple adults.

I have one trampoline for mine. Last summer I grabbed eight x twelve feet rectangular trampoline. It is a standard and popular size of the trampoline.

You can get a fun jumping ride on it as well this size could be the skill-developing partner for your little champ.

The last size of the trampoline you can get is the seven x ten feet. This dinky will fit into your small backyard. There your children could spend their significant time of the childhood.

Choose a Size From The Round Shaped Trampoline

Again, I will start with the big one you can get on the market for a circularly shaped trampoline. There was no bigger trampoline in the market than the regular fifteen feet round trampoline.

For the shape, the equipment has a name for the safe trampoline. You can enjoy the vast space for bouncing with the stuff. This enormous amount of jumping space reduces fatality.


If you are thinking about your tight pocket, I will recommend you to buy the eight feet round trampoline. The small trampoline will save your couple of bucks and serves the purpose as well.

However, you have to remind one thing that the trampoline is meant to use only one person at a time.

I am sure you wouldn’t like the breaking bone of your beloved, so be careful to use the trampoline out of the index.

The most common round shape trampoline size is twelve feet. The trampoline is too easy to find in the store. You can quickly set this one in your backyard.

However, it is essential to know that this particular size cannot hold more than three kid.

The Standard Olympic Size Trampoline

Olympic is one of the most watched global sports event. Athletes from different countries and different backgrounds take parts in the Olympic game.

So the Olympic committee has settled down a standard for the game. The measurement for the Olympic gymnast event they set the 16.5×9.5×3.8-feet as the standard trampoline usable officially for the Olympics.

Height Also Matters for The Trampoline

The height of a trampoline can vary with its size. Even, I had no idea of this at a time. I don’t want you to leave here without having this little information.

From the ground to the bottom of the trampoline could be two feet to three feet depending on their size. Typically, the bigger trampolines are the three feet above from the ground.

Additionally, the overall height will change according to the extent. The total height of a trampoline could be anywhere from six feet to eight feet.

Last word

For your better understanding lastly, I want to tell you some words. A trampoline can throw you on the ground from its back. You may end up falling on the fence or something even more brutal.

The fatal incident could be dangerous. So get an idea of your place registered for a trampoline.

With the help of this chart of the trampoline measurement, you can easily find the best one for your child or for getting back to your childhood.

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