Different Types of Hunting Knives For 2021

If you are a hunter, you will know the need of a hunting knife, not only a knife – a durable and reliable one. You can’t go out there for hunting without a knife. So you can guess you will need a sharp and robust hunting knife when you are in the shooting.

When you are there to search hunting knives, you will get various types of knives, and you have to choose among them. Yes, every brand tries heart and soul to explain they are the best. But you have to judge them on their features and performance.

As I said before, there are types of hunting knives, but here I will talk about the top 7 types of hunting knives. All of them are my personal preference, and I highly recommend them.

A Good Hunting Knife

Those things you should consider before selecting a hunting knife:

  • The blade has to be sharp edge and can be easily sharpened when you want to.
  • This knife has to fit in hand well to protect you from any injury and able to cut through bones easily.
  • You don’t need a massive and big sword.  A small sharp knife is enough when your target is dead in a minute after using it.


How to use a hunting knife

If you are new with a hunting knife, these points will be useful for

  • For hunting, a hunting knife is a must-have weapon for a hunter. When you are in the forest, you can’t always get ready to use a gun whereas a knife can be used any time you want. I know outdoor is beautiful, but you can’t ignore the danger of the forest as wild creatures are there to attack you.
  • Sometimes your prey stays alive even you have shot fire. If it remains alive, then use this hunting knife. It works instantly.
  • After killing your target, sometimes you have to skin out the animal. With a perfect hunting knife, this work will be done correctly.
  • When you are cleaning a fish after catching, the process gets frustrated if the knife blade is dull. The result will be a disaster. You will need a sharp knife blade to clean fish and make fillet easily.
  • When you are in a dense forest, you have to cut some bush and debris to clear the path. When you need to set a camp, there you will also need this hunting knife.
  • In the forest, there will be some situations like getting caught in the vines of the trees. You have got a sharp knife to cut yourself free.

How to choose a perfect hunting knife

After knowing the importance and the usage of the  knife, now let’s get some consideration points that will help to select the best hunting knife:

  • Quality of the blade:  whatever the knife is, the performance depends on the blade quality.  Look for the knife blade that is made of durable stainless steel that helps to cut through quickly.
  • The handle of the knife is an essential part of a knife. When you are in wood, sometimes you have to slice timber or ropes. Then the knife you have needs to have a handle that will ensure you a stronghold while you are working. Go for the non-slip grip because while you are working the knife doesn’t slip away, and you face an accident.
  • Don’t go for the size. It is not necessary that a big knife has a sharp blade. You may find all the features you want in a knife is in the mini cutter. Before getting the knife make sure you can do all the skinning, scraping and cutting quickly.
  • The knife has to be flexible and useful for your tasks. so select carefully.

Now, I think I have given enough information about hunting knives and their use. Here I will talk about top 7 types of hunting knives that meets all the requirements of a hunter. Go through the reviews and pick the one that you will like.

Best combat knife in the world

Top 7 types of hunting knives

Buck knives 0691BKG buck zipper fixed blade knife with the gut hook

This knife is stylish in look but sharp in performance. The blade has 4 1/8 inch guthook that ensures rugged steal and adds strength. Don’t worry about getting rust knife after some use, this blade is corrosion resistant.


You will not have to think about frequent sharpening as the blade has edge retention. You can do any massive task easily with this knife. The handle of the knife is rubber made and non-slip. Your work will be in control with this handle and you will feel comfortable.

Havalon Piranta Z folding Blade skinning knife

This knife is best for skinning work. The handle of the knife is extended and easy to grab. When you are working, you will have full control on the knife. The blade is razor sharp blade, so you will not need to sharpen the blade.


You can replace the blade when the blade is dull. When you will work with this knife, you will feel that you have the sharpest knife in the world.  Your skinning and other tasks will be done in minute. Another best feature of this knife is, it is folding knife. So you can carry it anywhere easily.

Elk Ridge ER- 052 hunting knife

If you have fewer budgets, then get this knife. It is the best knife in affordable budget. The knife is beautiful in design and have stainless steel blade that is scuff and moisture resistant. The knife is full tang and it ensures heavy duty with durable feature.


The piercing capability of this knife is excellent for the hawksbill blade shape. As you can’t just carry the knife openly, you will get leather made a cover that helps to bring the knife quickly.  For new users, this hunting knife is highly recommended.

Benchmade hunting knife

The blade of this knife is drop point design that ensures perfect pierce. This stainless steel made blade is extra sharp and has edge retention. So no need to sharpen the knife frequently. You will get a long-lasting knife when you take this knife for hunting purpose.


The handle of the knife is nylon made and your grip will be comfortable with it. You can use this high quality knife for long time without any rust problem.

 SOG specialty knives and tools hunt point hunting knife

This knife has a 3.6 inch blade that comes in drop point shape. This design ensures super cutting ability. The finish of the blade is satin and works as protector from tear and wear. Stays super sharp even after heavy use.


The handle of the knife has finger grooved design that keeps your hand comfortable while holding it firmly when you are working with it. The material of the handle is nylon made and it is long lasting. As the blade is full tang, you will enjoy most strong cutting power with it.

Columbia river hunting knife

The blade of the knife is three quarter but believe me you will not regret its size. The dominant performance in the wild of this knife is just excellent. It durable and has super powerful cutting power when you are working in the forest.


As the blade is stainless steel made, so sharpness is no matter. This knife is moisture resistant and helps to cut smoothly even you are working in rain. A must-have knife for every hunter.

Outdoor edge razor lite EDC folding knife

Lastly, the knife that I prefer to take in the woods. It is best for the razor-sharp edge; you can use it for every day without getting any problem. It is long lasting and ensures smooth cut.

As this knife is folding knife, so you can carry to any place you want. You can replace the blade what you want, and you will get extra seven blades when you purchase this knife.



So here were the top 7 types of hunting knives that a hunter cherishes for a while hunting. I know when you go for hunting, there is the gun with you. But you can’t use the gun to clear your path, or to set camp or cutting ropes or to slaughter the animal.

You will need a hunting knife that will do the other works.  Get a hunting knife but make sure the blade is sharp and durable. Or else you will come back from hunting without anything.

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