Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Reviews For 2021

Much as food, your body needs water to survive and function properly. It is one of those elements without which you can’t live and therefore having a clean source of drinking water is as essential as any other thing in the world.

Now, most US households live on tape water which might be safe to drink, but you can’t be sure of the quality of the water you’re drinking as it can be contaminated with germs.

Therefore, to be on the safe side arranging a clean source for drinking water should be your top priority. And in this under sink reverse osmosis water filter reviews, I have an excellent option for you in the form of Spring 6-Stage water filter.

iSpring is one of those brands which is working for decades to provide a safe water resource to the people. Their vast popularity comes from the fact that this Georgia owned family business has been providing all kind of water systems for residential and commercial sectors with authority.

From faucets to water filters, they have a fabulous line of products coming out year in year out to give people the luxury to have safe drinking water at a reasonable price.

And being a USA made product, it is contributing to the economy of the country which makes it even more popular.

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The gift or reverse osmosis

The iSpring filter cleans the water by using reverse osmosis which is the most efficient way of getting pure water.

An RO system is capable of removing up to 99.99% of the contaminants in the water making it the most advanced water filtration system in the world.


Other filtering systems worked just fine, but they can’t provide the purity that reverse osmosis process tends to offer.

Due to its high efficiency of water filtration, the iSpring filter is very efficient in the treatment of ground or surface water. It can even be used to treat brackish water which ordinary filters can’t do.

But most importantly, they also help to remove bad taste and smell from waters of contaminated sources which is a big plus; This is one of the reasons why the food and beverage industry, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, is so highly dependent on such equipment.

However, it isn’t just the reverse osmosis feature that takes care of the contaminated water. To provide the purest drinking water possible, the iSpring filter teams up with the activated carbon.

The added alkaline is vital to the cleaning process as reverse osmosis process can’t alone eliminate all the pollution of the water.

For instance, chlorine is one of the elements which isn’t removed by the RO method. So, the added activated carbon in the filter takes care of it with 70 other contaminants to ensure you get the cleanest of water.

Efficient RO system

The market has a ton of reverse osmosis system that can produce pure water for you to drink. So, anyone will compare the iSpring with the other ones to secure the best equipment to ensure a clean source of water.

Now, one of the areas, where the iSpring system excels from its competitors is its efficiency ratio.

Every water purification equipment of such kind has such a rate. For instance, most models have a  4: 1 ratio. It is the standard. On the other hand, the iSpring RO system has a 3:1 ratio. So, is it better or worse and what’s the ratio stands for is the questions that are forming in your head?

The efficiency ratio is a system to measure the water wasted to produce a single gallon of pure water. In most RO systems, it takes about 4 gallons of water to produce a gallon of drinking water.

Where else, the iSpring can manage to provide a single gallon of clean water with only 3 gallons of water. Therefore, it is superior to its competitors making it the obvious choice for your home.

The pressure and temperature play a crucial part to provide this efficiency rate. Now, you get this standard efficiency ratio of the purifiers while putting them in test in their ideal habitat where the temperature and pressure are just perfect.

However, in your home condition, you might not be able to get the same temperature or the pressure which will, therefore, influence the efficiency of the system.

But unlike other systems, the iSprint osmosis water filter systems don’t get affected that much which is why it can maintain its water purifying efficiency.

Spring 6-Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System Features and Specifications

  • The water system improves the taste by raising the PH level in the water.
  • There is an alarm kit with the system which lets you know if there is any leakage.
  • As it is under the sink system, it saves space.
  • The iSpring RO system eliminates 98% of chemicals.
  • The system has a pre-pressurized 4-gallon water storage tank.
  • It can manage about a whopping 75 gallons of pure water per day.
  • The purifier uses high-quality components for superior reliability.
  • The water system has a 3-year manufacturer’s limited warranty with a 1-year money-back guarantee.
  • You will get lifetime customer support.
  • The iSpring is a made in USA product.
  • It has an effortless installation system.

Customer reviews and score

To get the purest drinking water right from the faucet, you only need to have the iSpring 6-stage reverse osmosis system for the home installed.

From all the options in the market, this is the only one that is making the most buzz, That’s because people who had the privilege to experience its quality can’t rave enough about it.

And the 4.7 rating out of the possible five stars in Amazon is a clear indication of that. It gets even more impressive when you notice the fact it has attained such positive feedback by almost 1300+ reviewers and still going strong.

This RO system owners have a lot of things to say about it. But in general, every user who had used the iSpring RO water system at their home will surely mention how easy it is to instal.

You can do this on your own as the instruction that comes with the package is simple enough to follow by anyone. Then there are users who have never tasted water that is so pure and tasty in their life.

Some users even bought TDS (Total dissolved solids) meter to see if the thing actually eliminates the unhealthy solids from the water and it turns out this gets them all to provide us the cleanest water possible.

However, there are a few buyers who had found some issues with the water system. One or two buyers still getting cloudy water even after installing the thing under their sink.

But maybe that’s because the installation process wasn’t done correctly or the device got somehow damaged while it was shipped to the household.

I’m not trying to defend it, but as what I’ve witnessed myself and what I’ve read so far from other reviewers, this thing works just fine. So, probably those were just unfortunate incidents.

How to use iSpring RO system?

How does the 6 stage purification process work?

1st stage: Here, the water contacts with the pre-filters which work to remove the larger particles. In this stage elements such as debris, rust and dirt are mainly removed.

2nd and 3rd stage: The carbon filter removes the chlorine and other elements that cause the water to taste unusual and make them smell funny.

4th stage: The 4th stage is where the reverse process takes place. The membrane consists of a thin material, which only allows the small particles to go through and prevent other harmful particles.

5th stage: This filter in this stage refines the taste before the water comes out of the tap. Also, it improves the color and smell of the water.

6th stage: This mechanism provides an additional step of filtering. It is an alkaline or pH filter, which works by adding healthy minerals to the water which usually gets removed due to the reverse osmosis process.

It helps to regain those healthy ingredients to the liquid to give you the finest drinking water.

What is the use of Remineralization filters?

After the reverse osmosis process, the water tastes slightly unusual. While seeping through the membrane in the 4th stage of filtration, the water gets this unwanted taste making it undrinkable.

This happens as the water loses most of its components and the pH level of it drops. So, it gets more acidic making it unlikely to drink.

So, in many under sink reverse osmosis water filter reviews, you will see such issue. But with the iSpring filter, you don’t have to worry about it as the added Remineralization filter process adds those lost minerals to the water and helps to increase its pH.

So, you will get filtered water that will taste similar to the bottled mineral water.



From this iSpring under sink reverse osmosis water filter reviews, you can see how great the equipment works to provide you a safe source of drinking water. The entire equipment works like magic to produce pure drinkable water for you.

There is no doubt in my mind; it is the best water purification system of its kind. For some, it might look like I’m exaggerating too far, but I am a big fan of this iSpring system.

That’s because it not only provides clean water but also does it in an efficient way wasting less water than other devices. Plus, being an Amercian product, I always will have a soft spot for it as it’s helping our economy.

But only if you see it as a water purification system, it still excels, and therefore it should be on your wishlist if you’re thinking to get a reverse osmosis system for home.

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