Vibrating Exercise Machine Side Effects For 2022

Last Updated: 17-June-2022

As the world of technology advances, so does the excitement to adopt builds too.

People are getting busier and busier to the extent that there is no time to engage in lengthy physical exercises.

The vibration exercise machine is a simple device helping many people to manage weight without much of an effort.

But many users have little idea on the side effects that come with vibration exercise machines.

As much as there is so much enjoyment with the use of this gadget, there are lots of other negative aspects that one should also understand.

In this article will give you a deeper understanding of vibration exercise machines that you probably did not know about.

Hopefully, the insights will enlighten you so that you make wise choices when considering using the device for your benefit.

Ultimately, it is up to you to weigh the benefits versus the adverse effects.

General Information About Vibration Exercise Machines

Generally, most vibration exercise machines are safe for use in day-to-day routine exercises.

For guaranteed use of such devices, certifying authorities must take a lead role. One good example of an organization where these exercise machines should get approval is the FDA.

In the past, lots of studies revealed a lot about vibration machines. Many of them agree that bone health gets better with continuous vibration exercises.


People with difficulty standing on upright positions also showed lots of change.

In other studies, people using the machines developed stability with their bodies, whether they are young or old.

Albeit being a controversial method, there is a broad claim that using the device for around ten to fifteen minutes daily gives someone an equivalent of an hour of regular exercise.

The extent to this claim is still a subject of debate among many quotas.

They say vibration machines hasten weight loss. One of the unique selling points for these machines is that they are painless gadgets to use when trying to cut a few kilos of fat.

There is the other attribute that it contributes to skin and muscle toning. As to the verifiability of these claims, let us leave it to the experts.

Of course, bear in mind that whatever goes around comes around. What many bears some level of truth, no need to dispute everything.

The concept of vibration machines began with the thought of athletes in mind.

It was built initially as a device to support the different forms of exercises such as press ups and squats.

But as time went by, it manifested that there was an existing link between weight loss and the machine.

Examples of Vibration Machines

There are three tiers of vibration machines that exist in the market today.

Each type has a specific purpose as far as when it comes to matters of body exercise.

These types include:

  • The Oscillating Basic Motion Machine
  • The Triplanar Machine
  • The Dual Motion Machine

The Oscillating Basic Motion Machine works by swinging on a side to side manner lie the way a see-saw does.

Generally, 10 to 15 minutes of using this machine will offer a good chance for consistent weight loss. But for those who are a little fragile, is not the ideal device for you.

The triplanar is the second type of vibration exercise machine. With this one, its vibrations go up and down and side to side producing a perfect mix.

It helps a lot in the development of bone density and adequate blood flow in human blood vessels.

Finally, there is the dual motion machine that combines the work of the oscillating primary motion machine and the triplanar.

This one is common in the gym or commercial fitness centers as it helps with the needs of different users.

Exceptions to The Use of Vibration Exercise Machines

Not everyone should use vibration exercise machines. These categories of people may experience adverse side effects if they attempt to utilize vibration machines forcefully:


  • Any lady who is expectant as this my be dangerous for her and the child
  • Patients suffering from an acute hernia
  • Epileptics
  • Diabetic patients
  • Cancer patients
  • Anyone with heart complications as the machine allow a lot of pressure building in most body parts
  • If you have artificial limbs or plates
  • If you have a particular implant
  • Those suffering from persistent headaches
  • However, there are those people whom doctors recommend that they use vibration exercise machines regularly, and they include:
  • The elderly are on top of the list since they benefit in a couple of ways such as better bone density, body balance, and general blood circulation.
  • Mothers of new-born as vibrations help in strengthening pelvic bones for faster healing and strength gain.
  • Athletics should consider vibrating machines as daily friends as it helps in stabilizing muscles and ligaments.
  • For the obese, the exercises help in burning excess fat, although it takes a relatively long time to achieve notable weight change.

Side Effects of Vibrating Exercise Machines

All that glitters is not gold. There are lots of benefits associated with vibration machines ranging from improved skin/muscle tone, better bone density, blood circulation to hormonal balance among many others.

But there is the downside of all these benefits that rarely comes to mind.

One may suffer from motion sickness as a result of overusing the vibration machine. Motion sickness is synonymous with sailing in the sea.

The same effect that sailors experience is similar for some users of vibration devices. Sometimes it triggers vomiting and uneasiness to others.

The machine creates conditioning in the human body, whereby exercising motivates something else. A good example is a link where the vibration machine works hand to hand with music beats.

In an event where there is no music, the mind cannot adapt to vibrations on its own because of a conditioned tendency.

A biomedical engineer called Clinton Rubin is a lead researcher at a top university in the US on matters of occupational safety. Through his work, he asserts that vibration machines bring severe damage to the human body when used for long.

He notes that cartilages suffer the most. Additionally, he agrees that the device leads to muscle wasting for its users.

There is also the other problem that revolves around the Ear Nose and Throat. It is worth noting that the device leads to hearing issues when used extensively.

Other reports indicate that some users also suffer from impaired vision.

Another critical issue is back pain arising from using the device for exercising. Continuous usage puts one at risk of developing long-term back pain.

As you expose yourself to high-frequency vibrations, joints and tendons loosen up which results in severe back pains.

In worst-case scenarios, too much use of vibration machines leads to brain damage. When nerves repeatedly shake at high frequencies, it slowly affects the brain, and with time, the loss becomes visible. That is not where we wish to go; knowledge is power.

There other ailments that come with day to day exposure to vibrations.

Good examples are conditions like retinal rupture or blood clot formation. It is essential to understand these conditions to avert further risk.

In many studies, vibrations by these machines caused impairment on the cardiovascular system. Endothelial dysfunction is one reported form of disability.

There is also the arterial stiffness mainly associated with aging. These dysfunctions impact significantly on the strength of the human cardiovascular system.

Alternatives to Vibration Exercise Machines

There are several other ways one should consider when considering options for losing weight. Natural methods are usually the most recommended for anyone.

Here is a list of alternatives to vibration exercise machines when it comes to dealing with pressure:

  • Dietary control where you check calorie levels while balancing all the other types of food
  • For better metabolism, never hurry while eating food, that way absorption happens effectively
  • Always consider using probiotic milk which contains only the useful bacteria
  • Drink more water as a way of increasing the burning of calories.
  • Drop that sweet coffee! Sugarless coffee still wakes you no need of that extra sugar
  • Reducing unnecessary or rather excessive sugar intake especially if your work entails dormancy for long hours
  • Forget about processed foods that often do not have any beneficial nutrients except the carbs
  • Increase vitamin intake by eating more vegetable and fruit.
  • Sleep for recommended hours but do not oversleep.
  • Engage in physical-physical exercises; let that sweatdrop!


Now you understand where vibration machines are taking humans to. It is a simple concept but with benefits and side effects in equal measure.

As for the devices, if I clear that there are three unique types, each having a particular purpose.

As you consider getting that crucial exercise to remember the vibrating exercise machine has side effects on the other side.

When these effects come to your mind, recognize that they mainly happen because of overusing the device or using it when you are not recommended to use.

Indeed, this is a trending exercise technology. But you could try the alternatives too. Good thing, those options work more on a natural way.

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