9 Vibration Machine Benefits That You Need to Know

Are you obsessed with your workout schedule? Do you have lack of time to do full exercise at the gym or home? If you are like those who can’t afford enough time to do exercise, then this article is for you. You may have or have not heard about the vibration machine. Also, you probably heard about the whole body, partial body vibration therapy.

In this article, I will talk about the vibration machine, how it works and the vibration machine benefits. We also will look at that is it useful for you or not. So let’s get started.

The primary purpose of the vibration machine is to provide vibration therapy. The vibration therapy first originated from the Russian physician Gustav Zander in 1867. Later in 1895, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg implemented the vibration therapy.

It gives you the sense of vibration and free fall. That’s why NASA used this therapy later in all of their operation.

What is a Vibration Machine?

Put simply; the vibration machine is a vibrator that vibrates your body. Vibration Machine has pretty basic functionalities. The purpose of a vibration machine is to provide strong muscles and weight loss. It helps you to increase the effectiveness of the regular workouts.


How does a Vibration Machine Work?

You have probably seen the vibration machine at GYM or on TV advertising thousands of times. However, have you ever wondered how that vibration machine works?

It is essential for you to know how the vibration machine works if you are planning to buy one. The reason is that unless you know how does that work, you may not use it the proper way.

We will start by explaining what the basic functionalities of the vibration machine are and then we will take a look at how all the stuff work together. We also will take a glimpse of the vibration machine plates and what happens to your body during use that stuff.

The basic functionality of the vibration machine is that there is a platform to it. You have to stand on it either straight or half squat position. When you turn on the machine, it will start vibrating. There are two types of vibration machine. One is whole body vibration, and another one is partial body vibration.

Another type of vibration machine is the power plate. It also works as like the vibration machine. You can lose significant weight using a power plate if you use it correctly.

Who Is this for?

Most people make the same mistake. They found something cool at the GYM and start to use it from the very first day. However, you have to keep in mind that it is not ideal to use equipment without knowing whether it is right for you or not. So, here I will discuss whether the vibration machine is for you or not.

See, you already know why the vibration machine is for? If you want to increase the effectiveness of existing workout activity like the plank, push up, etc., you can use this machine. Anyone can use this machine, who has high fats in the body. Researchers found that vibration machine can help you to reduce body fat down to as much as 10.01%. That’s pretty much cool, right?

It is ok to use a vibration machine if you have high body fats. However, is it ideal for a beginner? Yes, you can use this machine even if you are a beginner. You can also use the strategy if you have just started doing exercise. However, keep in mind to get the result you have to take severe action and use this regularly.

Vibration Machine Benefits

The importance of vibration machine can never be overemphasized. You will find many of the exercise tools available in the market. All of these has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the vibration machine has often been considered as the best exercise option among the other tools. It offers a variety of advantages over traditional workout equipment, all of which will provide more benefits to your body and less workout time.

Are you thinking of buying a vibration machine or using it in the GYM but is still undecided about how advantageous it will be to you? Then it is good to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this machine. I am going to look at five significant benefits of vibration machine.

Strong Muscle

If you have dreamed of having strong muscles but failed to achieve, the vibration machine brings good news for you. It helps you to build strong muscles. By the vibration, the energy transferees to your body through the muscles and the muscles get a quick contract and relax. Thus the muscle becomes stronger.

Reduce Stress

Yeah, you heard it right. Vibration machine helps you to reduce the stress. Continuous vibration agitates your brain. It helps the blood circulation to work correctly. It also improves the blood circulation in the whole body.

Weight Loss

One of the studies found that it can burn calories from your body. If you can use it properly only, then it can help you to lose weight. Otherwise, it can’t help your weight loss goal. Also, keep in mind that you must keep continuing the regular aerobic exercises.

Increases Metabolism

Some of the studies found that vibration machine can help you to increase the metabolism rate of your body. It also increases the mineral density of bones. Moreover, whole-body vibration can reduce the cellulite and stimulate collagen. It produces smooth skin.

Cuts Workout Time

Probably it is the most soothing benefit of vibration machine. We all want to spend more time to entertainment and less time to exercise. In this case, the vibration machine comes very usefully. If you do the regular exercises on the vibration platform, it will cut about 50% percent time. One study showed a vibration machine gives the same output as 45 minutes walking on a treadmill. That is a great thing about this machine.

Vibration Machine Drawbacks

Tough it is enticing that it cuts the workout time to more than half, but there are some drawbacks of the vibration machine. Every product always has some advantages and disadvantages. So the vibration machine is not the exception. It has some minor drawbacks. These drawbacks are responsible for not everyone does exercise with it. I am going to discuss those disadvantages:

Not Safe for Stones in Gallbladder or Kidney Patient

Though this machine is an excellent tool for people; unfortunately you can’t use it if you have gallstones or stones in the kidney. The vibration may cause pain in the gallbladder or kidney if there are stones. So it is advisable not to use during that condition, or you should use it after proper treatment.

Not Suitable for Pregnant

Vibration Machine is an excellent tool for women to lose extra weight. However, women should not use this tool during pregnancy. Although researchers did not find any side effect using this machine during pregnancy, still you should not use this if you are pregnant. The reason is the vibration can cause an impact on the stomach and heart of the future baby.

Too Pricey 

When it comes about the price of Vibration machine, it is a bit pricey compared to other GYM equipment like dumbbells, barbells, treadmills, cycle, etc. It is a handy tool, but you have to pay a significant amount of money to be able to use it. You also should keep in mind that you get a whole lot of extra benefits that other workout tools can’t provide.

Is Vibration Machine an Effective Workout?

You will find there are lots of products on the market for losing weight or workout. But the question is that, is the vibration machine useful for exercise? You should not proceed using this unless you get this answer.

If you intend to lose weight, yes vibration machine can help you to reduce weight. But if you want to lose weight only depending on it, then it is not the right decision for you. The reason is that just it can’t help you to lose weight. You have to have a proper diet.

You also need to continue other exercise activities. The main benefit of the vibration machine is that it cuts the workout time in half. In that sense, it is useful if you want to get a quicker result. But you should also do other exercises like running, biking, push up, etc.

Final Words

Vibration machine works for losing weight and researches back it. If you want to lose weight, you can use this machine. You see there are some incredible benefits of using this. You should use it along with other exercises. If you think it can only help you achieve the weight loss goal, then it is not right for you.

Before using it, you should check up your health condition. Also, keep in mind excessive usage of vibration machine can cause brain damage. So always use it with an expert’s recommendation.

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