Vibration Machine Work to lose weight

Does Vibration Machine Work To Lose Weight? Expert Opinion For 2019


There are many ways to consider when working on your weight. But do you know that using a vibration machine is a unique one that is mostly underutilized? Now you know. A vibration machine promotes contraction and relaxation of muscles by transmitting energy throughout the human body. 

That method of weight loss does not differ with the other ways in that you can achieve the same objective in equal magnitude. Probably, most of you are not familiar with this kind of option which is simple, effective and painless. In this article, you get a deep dive understanding on what you need to know about a vibration device.

A vibration machine emits oscillating vibrations that shake body muscles. To achieve the level of exercises you desire, adjusting the device to a suitable frequency and amplitude is critical. Of course, setting extremely high frequencies could be detrimental to your health. Check that the machine allows only vibrations within a range of acceptable pulse rates. The recommended pulse rate is anywhere between 60 to 100 pulses per minute.

To achieve good results, you should understand how the vibration device for weight loss works. The best outcomes come from using the machine for around 10-15 minutes on a daily basis. That is sufficient time for the body to experience the effects. And that should continue till you realize real change. Usually, it is nice to use a vibration machine with music in the background, just like when you are conducting aerobics. It makes the whole exercise fun and easy. Also, remember that healthy eating is necessary as a complement to using this device.

Benefits of Using Vibration machine to stay fit

There are lots of benefits to using a vibration machine in cutting weight. So, do not be distressed about heavy workouts. This method is simple and effective as long as you dedicate a few minutes every day. Discipline is of the essence when you want to achieve your weight goals.


Using this device allows flexibility regarding people who wish to use it. Whether you are that athlete performing rigorous exercise schedules or a patient suffering from chronic illness, this device serves your needs well. The good thing is you adjust the vibration frequencies depending on your needs.

Fast burning

Another benefit you get by using this gadget is burning of fats. With constant vibrations of muscles, fats get consumed, reducing the amount of fat entirely in the human body. It works in the same way as undertaking physical body exercises.

Want to lift your energy spirits? A vibration weight loss machine promotes energy levels in the body. As the vibrations build up, one gains energy which boosts your mood. So when starting or ending the day, this machine serves the purpose of elevating power. Also, it reduces the effects of fatigue by encouraging relaxation.

Toned Skin

For toned skin and muscles, try using this device. Vibrations fight skin wrinkles while fighting cellulite within the body. Everyone loves toned skin free of cellulite but to achieve that you should put a little effort. Amazingly, when you use a vibration machine, you conquer any obstacles getting on your way to beauty. For even-toned skin and muscles, remember time is a factor. Do not expect radical changes overnight. Continue using the device with patience, and you will surely get there!

Renew Body cells

Vibrations help in renewing body cells. As you now understand, this good machine has lots of other benefits apart from weight loss. For the healthy growth of our bodies, our cells should renew periodically. Constant vibrations pave the way for rejuvenation of cells necessary for a healthy life.

Relief back pain

Many people worry about back pain caused by lifestyle or injury. You will solve the problem half way when you have this device. For a long time, experts agree to the fact that the vibration machine helps in reducing back pain. If you are experiencing that pain, try using the device at home, you should see the results with consistent use.

Accelerate blood circulation

During our day to day activities, we require good blood circulation for success. Ailments like blood pressure derail all the joy we love about life. But many people don’t recognize the power of vibration machine typically used for weight loss. That is not its sole purpose, and It promotes good blood flow necessary for proper body functioning.

Reduce hormonal imbalance

What about hormonal balance or rather a hormonal imbalance? When you think of it, what comes to your mind? Hormones control all our body functions. Any imbalance triggers problems. A good example is the cortisol hormone when released in large amounts; it causes stress to anyone.

Luckily, when using a vibration machine, cortisol hormone controls naturally.

Life without balance could be one of the most disturbing for anyone. Probably, if humans did not have balanced coordination, everyone would be crawling like a baby. That is not what we wish for; we determine our path through healthy living. Using this device offers but one way of boosting our coordination and promoting an astute body posture.

Improve bone density

Over to bone density! Bones are the foundation of our body structure, without bones, we would not do anything in life. There is a direct link between bone density and vibrations triggered by the vibration device. Using this machine works magic. In the past, many studies confirmed that with frequent use, bone density improves which results in the better strength of bones. As a matter of fact, through exercises with the machine, osteoporosis is a thing of the past.

Types of vibration machine exercises

There are three classifications of vibration machine exercises as per experts dealing with vibration weight loss machines. The categories run from level 1, level 2 and level 3. Each level of the device has a specific purpose for the users.

Level 1 Machine

That machine is popularly referred to as the Oscillating Basic Motion Machine. Its primary purpose is helping with weight loss through oscillations that happen in a see-saw manner. To get the best out of this machine, one should use it for at least 10 minutes in a day. If you do not have one in your house, most gym centers have this as part of their inventory of equipment. The machine is friendly for both the young and old since vibrations are set to acceptable standards. The is a little catch when it comes to using this machine; never attempt to use it on high levels of frequencies since it is damaging to bone joints. It is even worse for people using artificial limbs or joints.

Level 2 Machine

That type of machine helps in strength building through vibrations. It is widely known as a Triplanar machine. For power workouts, this is the machine that gives a whole body vibration which is more rigorous than the level 1. This one helps mainly in improving blood flow and better bone density. Level 2 machine moves in up-down, side to side direction as compared to level 1 which only runs side to side.

Level 3 Machine

That one is a combination of level 1 and two machines. It is more of a heavy-duty vibration machine for weight loss. In many instances, you find it at the gym, therapy parlors and even at homes. you can place all components of triplanar and oscillating motion equipment in this machine. With all the benefits mentioned earlier, this dual motion machine is the best choice for all users.

Beginners Exercises

As a beginner, you may think that when using a vibration machine is everything but that is not usually the case. The truth is you should incorporate some little exercises as you use the device. You can try the soft squat where you do it gently as you enjoy the vibrations. Or you could choose a little stretching up-down as while standing in the middle of the device on a wide stance. Another way could be shoulder stretching so that vibrations begin from your arms. How about the calf massage, where you place your legs on top of a vibrating device while lying flat on your back?


In concluding it is evident that a vibration machine work to lose weight for anyone wishing to use it for dealing with weight challenges. Nevertheless, its use requires enough patience to manifest visible results. That means a user should cultivate a culture of discipline and persistence as it may take a little more for loss of weight to happen as compared to other methods such as physical exercises. It is worth noting that we have different levels of vibration machine for one to choose from. There are the primary oscillation motion machine, the triplanar, and the dual motion machine. 

For you to get all the benefits, the double motion is the best one since it incorporates all types of movements. As outlined before, there are many benefits of using the machine ranging from improved blood circulation, better bone density, reduced back pains, skin and muscle toning, hormonal balance among many others. Albeit having a slow response to weight loss, it is still a preferred method for consideration when working on weight issues.

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