How to Wear Hiking Boots With Skinny Jeans – Step by Step Guidelines

You might be a little surprised seeing the title. Hiking boots with skinny jeans? Am I kidding? No, I’m not actually. You don’t need to wear a trek suit with the hiking boots when you go hiking. You can wear them anywhere anyhow you like. They give you a cool, stylish look.

Formerly I used not to like to wear hiking boots with regular outfits. But some pictures of some celebs have changed my mind. The combination is fantastic if you wear things technically. But how can you choose outfits technically? Let me help you out!

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are those boots that are designed for hiking. You might be wondering why you need different boots for hiking. That is because you have to walk and do many more activities during hiking.


All those while, to protect your feet and ankles, you need hiking boots. The benefits of wearing them are-

  • These boots keep your feet safe and sound throughout the rough and tough activities of hiking.
  • While you have to walk on rough terrains, these boots will give you proper ankle support and protection.
  • These boots are robust and stiff. They protect you from getting blisters and sore feet.
  • They also provide comfort to your feet while hiking on a long distance path.
  • The upper side of the boots is designed to provide breathability of the feet. That helps to prevent blisters.
  • They have tough rubber soles to create friction. And they prevent slipping. So that you can walk smoothly and safely.

How You Should Wear These Boots With Skinny Jeans

According to me, any jeans look good with hiking boots if you know the proper combination. Most probably you don’t know that, and that’s why you’re here. So, let me give you some advice and suggestions on combinations. Here’s how you can style them up!


Wear hiking boots with a plain tee-shirt and skinny jeans

This one is a super easy combination. And also, my favorite one because I’m a lazy person! And, this one requires no effort at all!

  • Take any of your favorite tee shirts. It should be plain with no prints at all. Skinny jeans naturally look good with grey or black or any other dark colored tees. So, choose the color of the tee carefully. If you take a bleacher’s tee, that’ll look good too!
  • Take your jeans. If you’re wearing a bright color tee, choose the darkest shade of jeans you got!
  • Now is the time for the hiking boots. There is nothing more to style them up. They have their elegance built-in them! You can tie up the laces differently if you want.
  • Lastly, don’t curl up your jeans with this combination. It looks good with plain skinny jeans and the boots.

Wear the boots with a plaid shirt and those jeans

Plaid shirts are charms! They look good with about anything! A folded plaid shirt and skinny jeans; who won’t like this look? But there’s more. The boots are still there to add more beauty!

  • Take a plaid shirt. It will be better if you take a loose one. You can fold it inside or tie it up if you like. Both styles will look good. Leaving it straight will also!
  • Take dark colored jeans. Bright ones also look good with plaid shirts. But the dark shaded ones look best.
  • Take your favorite hiking boots. The waterproof boots will give the most outstanding look with plaid shirts. Wear them, and you’re all set to show the world the beauty of this whole outfit.

With a plaid shirt over a plain tee and the skinny jeans

With baggy pants or skinny jeans, a plaid shirt over a plain tee looks good with both! And if there are your hiking boots, you won’t have to worry about the looks anymore!

  • Take a completely plain tee.
  • Take a plaid shirt. Any colored will do. Don’t button the shirt up. Keep the buttons open. Or you can tie the shirt around your waist. It’ll look cool!
  • Take your favorite skinny pants.
  • Wear the boots! And, ready to go!

A red plaid shirt over a plain black tee with blue skinny jeans and brown hiking boots! How do you like this combination? Excellent, isn’t it?

With a crank top and ripped jeans

Ripped jeans and skinny too! How does it sound like? Well, they look lovely with hiking boots!

  • Wear a tank top. Don’t take a very long one.
  • Put those ripped skinny jeans on.
  • Wear a pair of boots that have blue or red laces. Any color will do, but red laces do very well with crank tops and ripped jeans. And that’s it! You’re good to go!

Skinny jeans, hiking boots and a loose tunic top

Tunics look stunning with skinny jeans. And you have hiking boots to give you a more chic look. So let’s see how you can get these to work!

  • Take a dark colored tunic. Printed tunic tops will be preferred.
  • Wear a white or grey jeans pant.
  • Have you got black or dark brown colored hiking boots? They will look best with skinny white jeans.


Striped tee, hiking boots and jeans

Striped tee and skinny jeans! Does this seem a little weird to you? It shouldn’t. Trust me; this combination goes real good with hiking boots.

  • Wear a white striped tee or a blue one. It doesn’t need to be loose.
  • Wear light blue skinny jeans.
  • Take a pair of black or light brown boots.
  • An overcoat of peach or beige color will enhance the beauty of this combination.

With a plain tee, an overcoat and skinny jeans

A plain tee, skinny jeans and hiking boots; we’ve described it already.

  • You only have to take an overcoat. A black, grey or a beige one will make you look perfect.

I want to give you an added suggestion. Lace-up hiking boots will make this combo look more elegant.

Different colored skinny jeans with boots

You can experiment wearing jeans of different colors with different tops. A pair of black or maroon boots will look good with almost every colored jean.

  • If you wear bright colored tops, choose pants that are dark colored.
  • You can choose vivid pants or themed skinny jeans with plain hiking boots.

Different colored skinny jeans with boots

Hiking boots with vivid color lace, a crank top and skinny black jeans

A crank top looks good with a black pant. They look perfect with skinny jeans.

  • Wear your favorite hiking boots that have got any vividly colored lace; such as green, red, blue, etc.
  • Curl up your jeans a little. It should be skinny black jeans.
  • Wear any crank top of your favorite line.

To beautify the look, get your hair curled up a bit.

A puffer jacket with a vest and the boots with jeans

I love puffer jackets. They look terrific with my hiking boots. Lace-up boots or winter boots look great with puffy jackets.

  • Wear a grey or maroon vest that is not very loose.
  • Take your black puffer jacket.
  • Wear winter boots or any lace-up hiking boots with the skinny jeans.

A curled up jeans will look good for this look. Be careful while curling up the jeans. If you don’t do it right, it may make your legs look short.

Go black!

Black hiking boots are my most favorite ones. And they can give you a gracious look if you decide to go black!

  • Wear skinny black jeans with your sportswear. A zip up sports top will be a preferable option.
  • And the black hiking boots; take the waterproof ones.

This whole black outfit will make you look confident and stunning. A touch of red lipstick on your lips will beautify the look more. Though it was a ‘go black’ section, I cannot resist myself from saying that, red hiking boots also look very stylish with all black outfits.

Though hiking boots look all perfect without socks, you can consider wearing them. Long socks with bright colors may bring a more attractive look. Especially when you wear sweatshirts or bright tees, a pair of socks will make you look more fashionable.The socks look good with skinny jeans and hiking boots. They give you a fun look.


So, as you see, a pair of hiking boots is a charm. They give you that chic look you always crave. If you want to try different things other than sneakers and regular wear boots with your skinny jeans, I’ll say hiking boots should be the top choice. And I’ve described how you can make the best look out of them. 

I hope you enjoyed reading it. I hope you enjoy wearing the hiking boots more. These boots will never go out of trend. Or you can be a new trendsetter! So, keep looking good with those boots and skinny jeans. And stay cool, look cool!

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