What is a Wheelbarrow?

In any construction project or gardening or to carry the things those we need to manage in our outdoor and indoor work importance of a wheelbarrow is always familiar to us. Gardeners must need this tool for the usual tasks they do for gardening.

The usage of the wheelbarrow is not limited to gardening. Wherever you need to carry a big tree cut from the roof or broke by the storm you need a wheelbarrow to bring the parts or sometimes the whole tree.

It can happen in the case of large shrubs if you want to move it from one place to another.

It can be beneficial in the construction sides by hauling bricks and another constructing supplement which makes the work more accessible to the labors.

Here we will describe all the essential information about wheelbarrows, about the usefulness and types, and also will suggest you about the tips that you need to know before choosing a wheelbarrow.

Do you know about the history behind the invention of Wheelbarrow? 

Most of us probably don’t know about the history behind the making of the wheelbarrow or how and where the wheelbarrow made.

Let us turn over the pages of the past about the making of the wheelbarrow. 

According to the history book the wheel barrow was invented in 231 A.D. by the prime minister of Zhuge Liang, Shu Han. This is the record of the three kingdoms which was written by Chen Shou.

He is known as the ancient historian and has written many of history books of those periods.

In the past time, the wheelbarrow called as “wooden ox.” Prime minister Liang had given that name of the device. In that time the handle of the invention was faced forward.


The wheelbarrow used in the battle in that time. They used to carry their weapons and sometimes their injured army men and other battle material with the help of the device.

Though the wooden ox seen in the battle in Europe at 231 A.D., the archeologists have found some records of using wheelbarrows in China near about 118 A.D. they have discovered some paintings and artistries of the humans in tombs in Sichuan of those eras which indicates the using of wheelbarrows for carrying things.

So, it believed that the wheelbarrows were first used or invented in China and they had developed this device, not for the battle but to do their daily carry-able works.

The usage of the Wheelbarrow

From the past eras, human are using wheel barrows to carry or haul things to make their work easier. History says the Europeans used the device to bring the weapons, destroyed materials and also the army persons who got injured during the battle.

In Asia, wheelbarrows were used to carry out the excellent or fertilizing products and seeds or other equipment that decrease the extra pressure of the farmers or labors.

Nowadays wheelbarrows are the thing which doing various works for various purposes from home to big construction projects. Here we are going to describe to you some working goals of the wheelbarrow.

The usage of the Wheelbarrow

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  • Wheel barrows are known as the most popular equipment for gardening. The gardeners cannot think about completing their garden task without a wheelbarrow.  They need to carry the shrubs and the mixed soils or the small seeds. Sometimes it used to clean the garden. As the gardeners need to wash their backyard for the healthy growth of their plants they need a wheelbarrow to carry out all the available elements and all the garbage from their garden yard to clean the garden place. They sometimes need to spread the fertilizers and carry out the seeds and most of the time they need to carry out the soil mixtures from the right place. A wheelbarrow can be very much useful for these purposes.
  • On the construction side, a wheelbarrow can be the most helpful tool. From hauling bricks to carry out strong iron rods and still materials, the wheelbarrow can do all these vital tasks to make the construction easier. Sometimes these wheelbarrows contain the mixtures of the soil and concretes or the mixture of sand and the cement from one place to another.
  • We also use wheelbarrows in supermarkets to carry out our daily vegetables and other household and cooking elements. It decreases our difficulties and makes our shopping joyful.

How to choose the right wheelbarrow?

Before choosing a wheelbarrow, make sure about the purpose of selecting it. That’s mean, for which purpose you are going to buy it.

The weight, length, size, and material or the wheelbarrow should change according to the intention of what it is going to use for.

Fitting the wheelbarrow with the specific project will be beneficial.

Well if you have a small garden on the yard of your house, and you are going to buy a wheelbarrow to do the daily activities of your small garden, then we will suggest you buy a little wheelbarrow.

In this case, the material of your wheelbarrow can be plastic. Plastic wheel barrow will be the best choice to carry out lighter loads. You don’t need to spend a high amount for this purpose.

Make sure to avoid carrying cold, hot and more massive objects in the plastic one.

It can break easily. On the other hand, if you are going to buy a wheelbarrow for construction side of a wheelbarrow which has to carry heavy parts of large trees, then go for a heavy metallic one. You can choose a wheelbarrow made of steel or iron.

For transporting bulky items, the wheelbarrows made of steel will be the best choice ever. You should need to keep your steel wheelbarrow in a safe place or a garage.  


Things you must judge before buying a wheelbarrow

  • Think about the purpose of using the wheelbarrow. Choose the right material according to your task.
  • The wheelbarrow must need to be user- friendly. If you choose a device which will be very complicated for you, then it will be difficult for you to access it. So always try to pick the wheelbarrow which will be user-friendly.
  • The wheelbarrow which you have chosen should have the right height on the back according to you or the person who will be going to use it. If you select a wheelbarrow which has a taller end than the measurement of your hands, then it will be awkward to use. On the other side, if it will much lower than you, you will have to face measurable condition while working with it. Make sure about the perfect height of the wheelbarrow.
  • The weight is also a more significant issue while choosing a wheelbarrow. It will differ according to the fitness and even the height of the user, if a smaller person wants a more heavy wheelbarrow to carry out materials or other things, he or she will face savior injuries if the device misbehaves. Choose the right wheelbarrow according to our potentiality otherwise, and it can be dangerous while carrying bulky items.
  • Make sure about the amount of ground clearance before choosing a wheelbarrow. A significant amount of ground clearance between the ground bottom and the barrow tray will keep your yard clean and make your task easier.
  • If you are buying a wheelbarrow for your garden, then make sure about the pivot distance. The pivot distance will provide a more cramped and quick turns which will be very helpful for the smaller garden.
  • Must notice the handle of the wheelbarrow. Most of the time the stems of the wheelbarrows made of steel or wood. It can be a matter of discomfort. Try to find out a rubber gripped handle which will make your turns more comfortable than the steel one.      



Wheelbarrows make our works easier. Whatever it is gardening or construction, we usually have to face the necessity of this device for carrying items.

An excellent choice of buying a wheelbarrow can make your all-purpose tasks quicker and easier. Follow this instruction if you are planning to buy one for your garden or another side.

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