Whetstone Cutlery Review For 2021

What If I ask you about the claws of Wolverine or the throwing knives of Anko Mitarashi from Manga? Maybe all of us will hop at once by saying “I want one. I want one”.

However, we are not a mutant or an anime that we can have claws which backtrack in the hands or slip down from the sleeves of dresses.

Fortunately, we have Whetstone which has brought us 12 marvelous pieces of kunai knives. Those cutlery knives of Whetstone are multi-functional and distinct from other kunai knives.

As far as I know, the kunai is a traditional Japanese weapon which was mainly used as a grass hook or a narrow spade. After renovation in agriculture, modern farming tools have replaced kunai knives.

Strangely enough, the blades are still in sight outrunning successfully with their other functionalities.

The practice of kunai knives is overwhelming as a ninja weapon or as a mounting tool. In that case, Whetstone S-force kunai is pretty much handy for different operations.

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Topnotch Configuration for Multitasking

In the current world, we all look for things which can work on varied tasks. The knife is not also out of this demand even if it is a kunai knife.

For those like me, who use his throwing knives as can openers along beside throwing, Whetstone cutlery knives are blessings.


You can use it for rope cutting, wood smashing or other fields. The edge is enough said acute to cut a wire or dig holes in a wall. The knife works fine even in clearing a road hindered with bush and nets.

The surface of the blades is coated in black resin which does not allow any grease or dirt to stick on it. Two edges of the blade are following the same angle in a unique manner which is different from the other kunai knives in the market.

The signature oval-cut shapes beside the hilt custom the flying speed as well as can be used for other purposes like resting the fingers or cutting a rope.

The two perforated convex holes are next to oval-cut shape work as more effective guides which enable acute speed during a fly. It is Whetstone 12 piece knives are made as a kunai, but can also work as a survival knife. I have to admit after comparing with the price, the knives set is a Bella deal.

Updated Weight Circulation for Wellspring Control

A flying knife has a different module than regular knife what we use in the kitchen. A kunai is one type of flying knife which is different from others in this category.

A tippy toe load distribution is the primary rule maker on how the blade will sail or how much distance it will glide because of a limited force. Whetstone cutlery knives have mastered the weight-balance distribution and came out as a super flying knife.

The lightweight alloy metal which is used in the blade is instrumental in the weight circulation. The thin module makes the way during a throw, and the handle flips over because of massive swing.

On the other hand, when a knife-thrower aim for no-spin, this handle maintains the direction towards aim preventing the blade body flipping over. The handle of the full tang knife is wrapped with nylon rope.

This paracord cordage works as a weight source and relaxes the grip while grabbing.


The circular empty hole on the bottommost part again gives a lighter mass which helps in taking control over speed and swinging.

A thoroughgoing combination of lightweight of the blade, the heavy weight of the handle and the light weight of the bottom of grip make it suitable for every type of knife related works.

Specification & features of Whetstone Cutlery Knives

  • 6.5” length with 1” width has made the kunai knife a perfect-cut for fast throwing.
  • The blade has a sharpness of 0.37” which is super-thin to fling in the air.
  • Whetstone cutlery survival knives employ two edges which have made it more open to mixed-use from cutting to throwing.
  • The knife blade has a length of 3.13” that enables swing carver if want.
  • Whetstone cutlery knives kit comes with 12 coolest kunai knives.
  • The beefed-up nylon carrying sack is very durable and posh and have room for other smaller things along with the twelve knives.
  • Cutlery knives of Whetstone are full-tang.
  • The pouch has an overall length of 8.125” with a width of 4.25” and depth of 1.5”.
  • The carrying bag has a hook and loop fastening closure system.
  • The handle of whetstone cutlery knife has a grip of cord wrap which enables a comfortable grasp.
  • The metal of the blade is of good quality.

Customer reviews and score

The customers of Whetstone cutlery knives are happy with their performances. As the price is bitty low, they did not expect that much quality from the knives set.

As a beginner in knife throwing, I find it pretty useful as they are inexpensive. The set of kunai is my first set of throwing knives. I have learned spin-throwing with this knife.

Now I am working with no-spinning throws, and the knife works great in both ways. The crest of the knife is very intense. So, dense foam or cardboard or Styrofoam target will be accessible on no-bending of the tip.

Pulling out from hard targets like a tree or wooden cardboard is slightly tricky as it reaches in depth because of the sharp crest and the edges.

I have gifted a set of Whetstone cutlery knives to my friend. He uses them for his protection.

He also uses it for random cutting things as the tip is sharp so the edges. He loves the stylish black look of it so much that he always carries one with him.

He also stashes them in random places like under the table or shelves. The weight is perfect for hanging by tape with things.

He is very amused by the product shape and quality, so I am. I am thinking to buy another set for my backyard garden for removing weeds.

A bulk of reviews on cutlery knives of Whetstone are posted every day, and almost all of them repeat the same thing. The knife is a perfect copy of kunai and shows up artistry. Meanwhile a couple of customer’s feedbacks worrisome.

During pulling out the knife from a wooden board which I generally use as the target, one of my knives got a crouch at the tip. I was very disappointed because it was the first throw with a SOG knife and the first one got deflected.

But after the second throw with another one, it came out perfectly. I have not taken any risk since then and use archery target for practicing with those knives.

How to Work with Whetstone Kunai?

Are the knives sharp enough to cut meat?

Yes, indeed. As I told you before kunai are different from regular throwing blades, they have a sharper edge and a more definite point than flying one.

It can bang up with wood as well as a piece of meat what you want to cook for your meal.

Are the knives sharp enough to cut meat?

Yes, it has one. Moreover, you can attach the strip with your leg or belt for taking it from one place to another.

Besides this nylon bag comes in handy when you want to go for a time-limiting competition where you have to aim as many as possible knives towards the target.

Are the knives sharp enough to cut meat?

If the tip bends over, you can follow this method. Heat up the knife and place it on a rock and strike it with a hammer.

If you do not have a hammer, you can also use a heavy lock to strike it. Only make sure that you hit the blade with the smooth surface of the bolt.

What if the cordage comes out?

Some of us may have to face the unraveling of cordage from the handle. It can wear off after several uses. In that case, using a glue gun can solve this problem.

The right placing of glue keeps the cord in its place and helps in operating the knife smoothly.


It is very tiresome to dope out an ideal entry-level knife for a newbie as throwing knives are hells to pay.

Many of us cannot continue with this practice because of the vowed budget of the flying knives.

However, Whetstone kunai can be foolproof deal package in that case. They are loose on dollars and came out with a high tune and goes for a long time. The guy who is experienced can also go for it if he is looking for a cheaper version of Kunai.

If you are not in throwing staff, you can use them for other functions as I have told before that the kunai of Whetstone is multitasking. It is convenient and robust.

So, bring forth your hands and order one set to try the excellent kunai knives and have the exciting experience of flying swords.

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