Why you should wear a bike helmet

Why You Should Wear a Bike Helmet and Its Importance For 2020


Bike riding is the simplest and fun activity among all rides. Anyone can learn bike ride, and once you learn it, you will not forget it ever. If you search for adorable memories in your childhood, then the first memory will be the first day with your bike. Ah..those days playing with cousins with the bike and it is not unforgettable.

Some still love to ride the bike even after growing up like using it for work or hobby. But the thing is you have to wear a helmet when you are on your bike. Now the question is why you should wear a bike helmet? To get the answer, go through this article as it is all about the importance and wearing reason of helmet.

Let’s face the truth, we all know that we should wear a helmet, but most of us try to avoid it. The excuse to prevent helmet is that you feel uncomfortable and hot. But to stay unharmed from serious injury in the head, you have to bear the reason.

Do you know how the helmet helps you to keep your head intact even you have a terrible accident? So wearing a helmet is the wise thing when you are on your bike.


Reasons to wear a helmet

Till struggling to take decision to wear a helmet? Let me tell you the reasons to wear a bike helmet:

  • If you look through the research of bike accidents, maximum bikers suffer from head injuries and sorry to say almost all of them are fatal. Well, helmet works like the protector of your head and brain. So wear a helmet and avoid any kinds of head injuries.
  • Your seeing ability will get improved for the helmet. Surprised? Well, when it is raining or snowing, it is obvious that it will be hard to keep your eyes open. When you have a helmet on, the visor of the helmet will work as shade and improve your eyesight while riding.
  • In some countries, wearing helmet is the part of the law. So it is a good practice to follow the law.
  • When you have children’s, it is a must for parents to wear helmet themselves. By this practice, children will learn to wear helmet and they will understand the importance of wearing the helmet.
  • During rainy season or winter time, helmet keeps your head dry and warm. Your body heat will stay trapped for the helmet that will keep you comfortable and warm.
  • If you are on a race, take a bright color helmet. This will help you to spotted among all the riders.
  • Your face will stay protected for the helmet. In bike accidents, face injury is a common one especially face disfiguring. To fix the face injuries, you have to bear too much expenses. So wear helmet to avoid all this hassles and medical bills.
  • Don’t think you will not feel stylish by wearing a helmet. You have the option to pick a helmet that will match your style and personality. For children, there are kids friendly design in the market.

What to consider while picking a helmet

After knowing the benefits of helmet, you have to know what type of helmet you will need when you are on a bike. Let help you with some points:

  • The helmet has to be protective. a perfect helmet has exterior hard shell and the inner layer with EPS foam. Your head and face will stay protected for this helmet.
  • There are different kinds of helmets and every rider can choose among them. For road bike riders, the road helmet has the option of saving weight and allows ventilation. For mountain bike riders, the helmet has large holes that allows airflow even in slow speed. It also protects the sides and back of the rider’s head. And for stylish riders there are stylish helmets that is heavy and protective.
  • Whatever the helmet you pick, just make sure you pick the right fit helmet. When you are wearing the helmet, make sure it distributes the pressure and stay on your head even you are on continuous move. If possible, pick a light helmet.
  • There is some helmet that has trauma reducing designs, try to pick them. They are really worth it.
  • To make the helmet fine fit, pick some adjustable systems that allows airflow and there will be no sign of hot spot.
  • Some helmet has special space to hold different accessories like sunglass. If you have budget, do get one.

Wearing bike helmet or not

As I am in this cycle industry for long time, I have seen the helmet topic is the most disruptive one. There are lots of argument on wearing or not wearing helmet. Here I will give all the reasons that people gave whether wearing helmet or not.


 Why people don’t like helmet

  • For some, the mask acts as a distraction.
  • The helmet doesn’t work as injury protector.
  • Not stylish.
  • Set up hair is impossible with a helmet.

Why people like helmet

  • Improves visibility.
  • Protects from the weather.
  • The helmet protects from getting head injuries in the crush.
  • List  When you wear a helmet, you feel safe

If you ask me my opinion, I will go for wearing a helmet. Yes, I admit that I don’t wear the helmet always, but whenever I can, I try to wear one. Because I think this helmet will keep my head protect when I have a crush or sudden fall down. But I do make sure the helmet is light and well fit.

I think I have given all the information about why you should wear a bike helmet. Try to wear the helmet always. Though you are experienced and you are matured, but there is no guarantee that you will not face an accident where you will get a head injury.  Do talk to children and let them know about the importance of wearing the helmet. Try to wear a helmet every time and set an example for your surroundings.

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